BioShock Infinite is an amazing game. And part of that experience is the combat. And in order to get better at combat, you can collect and equip pieces of gear that you find around the city of Columbia. You can have 4 pieces of gear at one time equipped: Hat, Shirt, Pants, Boots. Depending on how many you find, you can interchange them at any time from the Options menu (press ‘O’ in-game). Find out where you can find these pieces of gear below.

Note: Due to the game not having a map or a location guide, some of the names of the locations might be off. When that is the case, I will use descriptions to identify the actual location. The locations are in order of the discovery and progression of the game, which should make them easier to find.

1. 1st piece is on the balcony in the main area before Monument Island, behind the dresser.

BioShockInfinite 2013-04-05 20-25-50-93

2. 2nd piece is inside the cleaning room on Battleship Bay.

BioShockInfinite 2013-04-05 21-14-53-16

3. 3rd piece is given to you by the couple from the beginning of the story, if you choose to throw the ball at the announcer when you win the raffle. They’re in Battleship Bay.

BioShockInfinite 2013-04-05 21-15-54-18

4. Next is in a side office at the entrance of Heroes Hall.

BioShockInfinite 2013-04-05 22-14-04-60

5. Next is inside the Tickets Hall Employees Office. To get in however, you need 3 lockpicks.

BioShockInfinite 2013-04-05 22-27-25-80

6. Next is inside the Chinese battle exhibit inside the Hall of Heroes.

BioShockInfinite 2013-04-05 22-52-10-83

7. Next is inside the Wounded Knee exhibition.

8. Next is to the side of Heroes Hall Plaza. To get to it, you need the Shock Jockey to activate the power conduit to open the door.

BioShockInfinite 2013-04-05 23-34-26-21

9. Next is inside an employees room on Fink’s Docks. Beware as there might be a cop nearby and by taking it, you’ll get in trouble.

10. Next is inside the floating ship office after Elisabeth rescues you. You need 5 lockpicks to get it open.

BioShockInfinite 2013-04-06 13-09-36-77

11. Next is on top of Chen Lin’s place.BioShockInfinite 2013-04-06 13-44-16-43

12. Next in inside a locked cell in Good Time Club basement. You need 5 lockpicks to get it open.BioShockInfinite 2013-04-06 14-05-03-97

13. Next is in a Shantytown alley, on your way to Fink Factory.BioShockInfinite 2013-04-06 14-38-47-87

14. Next is inside Fink Factory, in the elevator room.BioShockInfinite 2013-04-06 17-28-03-56

15. Next is on a scaffold inside a house on the way to Comstock House.BioShockInfinite 2013-04-06 18-12-43-61

16. Next is inside Founders Books shop on the way to Comstock House.BioShockInfinite 2013-04-06 18-45-05-58

17. Next is inside a locked shop in the Market District. You need 3 lockpicks to get in.BioShockInfinite 2013-04-07 13-51-26-82

18. Next is inside a shop in Harmony Lane. You need 3 lockpicks to get in.BioShockInfinite 2013-04-07 14-18-20-02

19. Next is inside Café New Eden. Need 3 lockpicks to get in. BioShockInfinite 2013-04-07 14-38-34-42

20. Next is inside the Bank, in one of the side rooms.BioShockInfinite 2013-04-07 14-52-09-31

21. Next is close to the vault, inside the Bank.BioShockInfinite 2013-04-07 15-00-33-96

22. Next is inside Comstock House, on an upper floor.

BioShockInfinite 2013-04-07 15-45-50-00

23. Next is inside a locked room on Comstock’s Ship. You need 3 lockpicks.BioShockInfinite 2013-04-07 16-37-14-53

You also get a piece of gear every time you kill a Handyman.

These are all the pieces of gear that I found. I cannot guarantee that these are all of them. Please feel free to add the ones I missed in the comments section. Happy Gear Hunting!